Lesson One for Avoiding Becoming a Too, Too Mama — Just Hush Up.

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I am borrowing a theme from Gretchen at the Happiness Project, who has started a conversation about the power of silence. In particular she describes it in the context of a close friend providing comfort to another. When it comes to mothering a lot of us are quick to flip into advice mode when we witness a struggling mom. The early part of motherhood is so hard, with the feeding and the (not) sleeping and the utter out-of-controlness of it all. Next time a new mom cries over her lack of sleep or her struggles with nursing, let’s not share our sleep-training methods or latching techniques. Let’s not even add the pressure of telling her to keep at it. Just let her cry, and maybe add: “Yes, it’s hard.” She’ll let you know when she needs advice.


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