To the Cute Grocery Check-Out Guy — Thanks!

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I don’t know about you all, but I have not found flirting to be a major part of my life once I became a mom.   I can’t have righteous indignation over being hit on, because honestly nobody hits on me anymore.  When I was in the corporate world, I did have a few “guy-work-boyfriends” — you know, the type you trade compliments with, share a little bawdy humor, but it is very, VERY clear that it’s not real flirting?   Particularly for me it was clearly not real flirting since 2 of my 4 favorite such pals were gay.  And then there are the slightly imbalanced folks who are sadly living hand to mouth on the streets and simply do not have the filter operating in the brain that keeps things from spilling out of the mouth — but even THOSE guys seemed to quit with the catcalling or weird compliments several years ago.

So, imagine my delight today, as I checked out of the grocery store in my workout clothes, smeared makeup, and dirty hair pulled back in 3 different hair-clips, when the nice young man (that’s what we over 40 call those in their 20s isn’t it?) ended our transaction with “You have fun out there, darlin!”  He even included a coy smile and maybe the hint of a wink.  Maybe that was flirting, and maybe not.  Maybe he says that to everyone who leaves his checkout line — or maybe he even reserves it for (gasp) little old lady types that could surely use the boost.

Doesn’t matter.  It MADE MY DAY.


No longer a hottie and not yet a MILF


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2 Responses to “To the Cute Grocery Check-Out Guy — Thanks!”

  1. tootoomama'smama says:

    What is a little old lady type? I don’t think we have those in our family.


  2. homemom3 says:

    haha. I know what you mean. I never get to flirt now that I’m….OLD. (as my kids put it) I love just the slightest hint of a flirt from cashiers, always makes me feel better about myself no matter how ugly I may feel at the moment. Glad someone made your day.

    BTW I’m from the #31DBBB You asked about different voices. :) I responded at the thread. Hope it helps.


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